2019 Black Belt Exams scheduled for July 20th

Our annual Black Belt Exam is a very special day for our community. It’s a day when students are asked to demonstrate their technique, endurance, and mental fortitude in front of a panel of sensei — as well as their karate peers and their friends and family.

Beyond the physical exam, of course, is the development of character and values that we hold as karate-ka — which students will be asked to reflect on through essays and conversations with their sensei. Each black belt candidate has faced obstacles, gained perspectives, and developed values — all of which will help them through this important step in their journey.

Everyone at our dojo can be part of this process! You’re all welcome and encouraged to attend these open events to support your dojo-mates:

Friday, March 15, 7 PM

Friday, May 31, 7 PM

Saturday, July 20
Morning: Special Seminars
Afternoon: The Exam
Evening: Celebration Dinner

More details will be announced closer to July 20. In the meantime, if you’re curious about what our exam requirements are, you can review the Enso Handbook at any time!