COVID-19 Protocols

Updated Feb. 27, 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, Enso has been following guidance from the City of Chicago and State of Illinois, based on the best available science, to keep our students and families safe from COVID-19 during trainings and events.

Our latest COVID-19 protocol, effective February 28, 2022, aligns with our local governments’ recent easing of mitigation measures:

  • PROOF OF COVID-19 VACCINATIONS is no longer required to train at our dojo locations.
  • MASKS are optional, though all students and guests may of course continue to wear masks if they choose.
  • PRE-REGISTRATION is no longer required to attend classes, though we will continue to take attendance to track your progress and participation.
  • STAYING HOME IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK is required, as we all want to protect each other from unnecessary exposure if possible.
  • NOTIFICATION OF CONFIRMED COVID CASES will still be provided if we are informed that an individual who was present in a dojo location has tested positive. We will only inform other people who were present at that time, and individual identities will not be disclosed.

If conditions change, and mitigations become necessary again in the future, we will continue to follow the guidance of the City of Chicago and State of Illinois.