• View from welcome area

    This wonderfully urban loft-style space features a beautiful mixture of old and modern features — including high ceilings, heavy timber beams, exposed brick walls, and large windows that let in lots of natural light.

  • From the other side

    From the opposite side of the space, looking back toward the welcome area, you can see the vastness of the training floor.

  • Equipment & Warm-Up Area

    Our equipment is stored neatly in a large nook just off the training floor, where students can also stretch and warm up.

  • "Studio B"

    An additional room provides a flexible, multi-purpose space for teaching smaller groups, warming up, doing homework, or socializing.

Going into our 20th year, we are very excited for our future!

We are very excited to announce that we’re moving to a new dojo in the South Loop, our home for almost 20 years. Here are the details!

Location: The address is 601 S. LaSalle Street, just about 1 block south and 1 block east of our former dojo location! We will be on the 3rd floor.

Notable Features: The loft-style space features high ceilings with heavy timber beams, large windows that let in lots of natural light, exposed brick walls, and beautiful hardwood flooring (though we will use mats in the training space). Overall, we’d describe the vibe as wonderfully urban, with a beautiful mixture of old and modern features.

Other Spaces: In addition to the training floor, there will be a welcome area, changing rooms, and a flexible space that can be used for teaching smaller groups, warming up, doing homework, or socializing.

Parking and Public Transportation: There are several parking options in the area, including paid lots on either side of our building and meters. For the metered spots, please note that the meters on LaSalle along the side of the building ARE NOT available after 5pm on the weekdays. You can check using ParkChicago for other options (ex., on Clark Street).

Enso Karate students may take advantage of a discount with Hunter Parking (during classes only) which is located at 549 S. Wells Street (on the Northeast corner of Wells and Harrison.) The cost is $2 which should be paid to Enso. We have some parking signs at the dojo which you can put in your dashboard, or you can print your own Enso parking sign.

Construction & Timing: The space requires some relatively minor construction before we can officially move in. We currently anticipate that classes in the new space will begin on Monday, Dec. 6th, which will be considered a “soft opening” for our current students. We’ll host welcome events and open houses in the weeks ahead, as well as announce a new training schedule for all beginning in 2022!