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Our 20th Anniversary Celebration!

We are humbled and honored to have reached our 20th year as a karate dojo, and we know Enso Karate would be nothing without our COMMUNITY — of students and their families, of instructors and coaches, and of karate leadership from throughout the world. You are our community, and we’re excited to CELEBRATE this milestone […]

In Solidarity with the Black Community

A Statement from Enso Directors Sensei Jay Nacu and Sensei Denise Nacu Heartache. Despair. Shame. Rage. Sadness. These are the emotions we have been feeling throughout the week, as we read the news, watched the protests, listened to friends, and reflected on our own lives and our own leadership both at the dojo and in […]

2020 Black Belt Exams Announced!

Our annual Black Belt Exam is a very special day for our community. It’s a day when students are asked to demonstrate their technique, endurance, and mental fortitude in front of a panel of sensei — as well as their karate peers and their friends and family. Beyond the physical exam, of course, is the […]

Save the date for Kangeiko 2020!

What is Kangeiko? Kangeiko is a Japanese term meaning “cold training” or “winter training.” The purpose of this tradition is to start the New Year with a high level of effort, renewed excitement and spirit, and a commitment to carry on for the rest of the year!! What’s the plan for Enso’s Kangeiko 2020? This special training event will […]