Chicagoland Karate-Do Challenge 2019 gathered athletes from across the region and Canada

The 2019 Chicagoland Karate-Do Challenge was held on October 27, 2019 bringing about 250 athletes from from 24 different dojos/clubs, including 1 from Canada, to compete among the best. The CKC was co-hosted by Enso Karate and Nisei Dojo and sanctioned by the Amateur Athlete Union (AAU).  The event ran 120 divisions in kihon, individual kata, individual kumite, team kata, family team kata, team rotational kumite, and special needs. This year’s event was held in a new venue, the CSO Multiplex, which provided ample space and amenities for athletes and spectators.

We would like to thank our friends in karate for participating in the CKC. Congratulations to all the athletes of all ages who put their best efforts out on the mat! We are also thankful for the 80+ volunteers, officials, and coaches who helped everything run on-time, safely, and smoothly.

The CKC is dedicated to creating a positive experience for all participants. Here is a sample of some of the feedback we received this year:

  • This is by far, the best tournament I have been to. It is really great to have divisions running on time or ahead of schedule. It was really great to have all advanced divisions run early to open up officials to compete and referee later. I also loved the smoothness and effectiveness of communication over multiple avenues such as email, and FB. It was great to have ring assignments as well. I wish there was a way share what you are doing and have it applied to the rest of the tournaments this season. You guys are great! 
  • Thank you for a great tournament. Wishing we had more competitors but that isn’t something you can control. It was great to be at a tournament that ran on time and very organized. We have been to lots of tournaments over the years across the US. This was up there with some of the better ones we have been to. Thank you again for hosting and looking forward to next year.

We hope to see you in more karate events in the coming competition season!

Photos can be viewed on Enso’s Karate’s Facebook page and the Chicagoland Karate-Do Challenge facebook page. Add your email to the CKC mailing list to get info about CKC 2020 as soon as its release.