COVID-19: How Enso is Responding UPDATED 8/29/2021

August 9, 2021/by Katie Coleman

COVID-19 Safety Protocols in Phase 5

June 14, 2021/by Katie Coleman

How to pre-register for in-person classes

May 31, 2021/by Katie Coleman

Indoor karate training at the CSO Multiplex

May 12, 2021/by Katie Coleman

Indoor karate training at the Oak Park dojo

May 11, 2021/by Katie Coleman

Enso Karate competes at 2021 AAU Karate Regional Championships

May 10, 2021/by Denise Nacu

Outdoor training events at Enso

April 1, 2021/by Katie Coleman

Online belt exams at Enso

August 15, 2020/by Katie Coleman

In Solidarity with the Black Community

June 6, 2020/by Katie Coleman

Join our online karate classes! 6-week session begins this week

April 14, 2020/by Denise Nacu

2020 Black Belt Exams Announced!

January 22, 2020/by Katie Coleman

Save the date for Kangeiko 2020!

December 15, 2019/by Katie Coleman

Chicagoland Karate-Do Challenge 2019 gathered athletes from across the region and Canada

November 3, 2019/by Denise Nacu

CKC 2019: Register, Volunteer, Prepare

August 26, 2019/by Katie Coleman

Enso Athletes Earn National & International Honors

August 25, 2019/by Katie Coleman

2019 Black Belt Exams scheduled for July 20th

March 16, 2019/by Katie Coleman

Special News! 17 Enso athletes qualify for 2019 international competitions

March 16, 2019/by Katie Coleman

Enso Welcomes 24 New Students!

March 9, 2019/by Katie Coleman

Enso athlete Zachary Gin wins two medals representing AAU U.S. Team in Budapest

December 12, 2018/by Katie Coleman

17 Enso Athletes Qualify for Elite International Competitions

April 22, 2018/by Katie Coleman