Team Enso Needs Your Support!

EE_Logo_wideGoing into this season, we did not anticipate the costs needed for our coaches. Sending a strong team of hardworking athletes is exciting for all of us, and we hope to also send a strong group of coaches to lead these athletes to success. With just a few weeks away from Nationals, we hope that you consider helping in any way that you can. From all of us at Enso Elite – we thank you!

Our goal: $3,950

Our deadline: July 1, 2014

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Enso Elite Coaches for the AAU Karate National Championships

Jay Nacu, Denise Nacu, Saul Notario, Gerardo Fernandez, Alejandro Fernandez, Omaun Covington, Luca Bertagnoli, Elaine Cesar, Chris Dons

What this money will cover
  • Coaching Fees (including required clinics) for the AAU Karate National Championships (July 2-6, 2014). Coaching fees are $300 for technical coaches/$200 for administrative coaches
  • are ready for their kata and kumite events. Throughout the tournaments season, coaches dedicate their time and efforts to prepare the athletes both mentally and physically.

    Why coaching is beneficial

    We have found from experience that the support of a coach has helped with the overall success and result of an athlete’s performance. The nine coaches will cover the large group of 42 athletes we are sending to this national tournament.