Ten Enso Students and Instructors Advanced to Dan Ranks

Ten Enso students and instructors were advanced to the ranks of Shodan or higher in November 2014. We congratulate these karateka for having the discipline, courage and perseverance to advance further down the path, and we hope that karate training has strengthened their bodies and minds and enriched their lives with friendship and joy.

Special Guest Judge Sensei Dwight Holley (8th Dan) traveled to Chicago from Cincinnati to help administer an exam to Marco Martina and Jason Laufenburg (of Cincinnati Shotokan Karate-do), testing for Nidan, as well as seven students testing for Shodan: AJ Cesar, Elaine Cesar, Katie Coleman, Rahmil Magsino, Maile Nacu, Jojo Nierras and Toby Nierras. Each of these students reflected on their dan ranks in the exam booklet, which is available for download as well as at the front desk.

Additionally, Sensei Holley advanced Sensei Jay Nacu to 5th Dan and Sensei Denise Nacu to 4th Dan during his visit. These advancements represent their long-time commitment to practicing and teaching the art of karate at Enso and around the world. Congratulations, to all!