Enso Belt Exams Coming Up – March 15, 2014


Another big event for our students is approaching—belt exams!


check if you are eligible, please visit our Student Portal. If you need to gain access, please find us at the dojo or email elaine@ensostudio.com for the password.

Classes will be canceled the day of the exam, however we encourage students and their families to come and support those that will be participating.

  • Date of Exam: Saturday, March 15, 2014
  • Registration Deadline: March 14, 2014 at 7pm
  • Make-Up Exam: April 4, 2014 at 7:15pm; Extra $10 fee



Enso Chicago Dojo, 412 S. Wells St., 7th floor



Arrival time will vary depending on rank and age. Please visit the Eligibility List via our Student Portal for exact arrival times.



Students who are eligible are permitted to take the exam. To find out if you are eligible, visit our Student Portal.


Registration Deadline

The deadline to register and make payment is Friday, March 14th, 2014. Receipt of exam fee payment confirms your spot in the exam.


How To Register
  1. Register online.
  2. Email info@ensostudio.com with permission to charge your account.
  3. Pay in person or provide permission to charge your account by March 14, 2014 (7:00 PM).


Hope to see you there!

Sensei Iain Abernethy Seminars

Enso is honored to welcome 6th dan Sensei Iain Abernethy, who will join us all the way from the United Kingdom for a full weekend of karate training. Space is limited, please sign up early to ensure your spot.



Friday, May 2, 2014. 6 – 8 pm

  • Foundational Bunkai

Saturday, May 3, 2014. 9 am – 5 pm & Sunday, May 4, 2013. 9 am – 1 pm

  • Historical Development/Background of Kata
  • The

    4 stage Approach to Kata

  • How to Analyze the Movements of Kata
  • The Nature of Live Conflict
  • How to Create Effective Bunkai Drills
  • Karate Grappling (throws, locks, chokes, strangles, groundwork)
  • Kata Applications (Heian/Pinan series, Tekki/Naihanchi, Kushanku/Kanku-Dai, Passai/Bassai-Dai,Gankaku/Chinto, others as time allows)
  • Kata-Based-Sparring (live bunkai drills)



  • $175 All Sessions (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • $35 Friday Night ONLY


Open to adults 7th kyu and above, and teens 3rd kyu and above


Pay online through our online store or mail a check to Enso: 412 S. Wells Street, 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60607.


Hotel Information

Union League Club of Chicago

Special Group Rate: $159/night (not including 20% surcharge)

Reserve rooms by calling 1.800.443.0578 or e-mailing ulcrooms@ulcc.org. Mention “Iain Abernethy Seminar” when booking.

Reservation cut-off date: Friday, April 18, 2014


Any questions about this seminar can be directed to info@ensokarate.com.


Host Dojo

Founded in 2002, Enso has grown into a leading shotokan karate dojo in the Midwest, offering a full program of classes, competition, and private instruction for adults and youth. Located in the vibrant heart of downtown Chicago, the Enso dojo offers a spacious training facility and convenient transportation options.


About Iain Abernethy

Iain Abernethy has been involved in the martial arts since childhood. Abernethy holds the rank of 6th Dan with the British Combat Association (one of the world’s leading groups for close-quarter combat, self- protection and practical martial arts) and 5th Dan with the British Karate Association.

Abernethy is in great demand on the seminar circuit and he teaches many seminars on his approach to practical karate both in the UK and overseas. The bunkai that Abernethy teaches are not prearranged karateka vs. karateka applications; nor are they static, complex, elaborate or reliant upon finite movement. Abernethy’s approach to karate makes kata application practical, simple, direct and accessible to all.

Abernethy regularly writes for the UK’s leading martial arts magazines and he is a member of the Combat Hall of Fame. Abernethy’s books and DVDs have sold worldwide and his highly pragmatic approach to kata applications (bunkai) has proved to be very popular with those who wish to practice karate as an effective self-protection system.


Hotel Accommodations

A special rate is provided to us at the Union League Club of Chicago, a local hotel in downtown Chicago, that is near our dojo. The block rate is $159/night (not including 20% surcharge).

Hotel web site: http://www.ulcc.org/

If you’d like to reserve a room, you can by calling 1.800.443.0578 or e-mailing ulcrooms@ulcc.org. Please mention “Iain Abernethy Seminar” when booking.

Please note that the cut-off date to reserve is on Friday, April 4, 2014. You can cancel room reservations 24 hours in advance to avoid a charge.

Dojo Tournament

Enso Karate Dojo Tournament 2014 is Coming!

We are kicking off 2014 with a small, friendly karate tournament that will be held in our Chicago dojo on Saturday, January 25, 2014! We hope that you can join us for a great event that aims to help build healthy competition, good sportsmanship, and tournament experience. This tournament is open to all of our students, ages 4 and above.

In addition to the Saturday tournament, we will also be holding Black Belt Exams on Friday, January 24th, and Training Seminars on Sunday, January 26th.  Details to be announced.

Enso Dojo Tournament 2014 Info

Register online list of domains . three domains of learning .

Kaminari Zoku 2013 – Enso’s Friendly Flash Mob

On Saturday, October 5th, 2013. Enso Karate Students delighted tourists and Chicagoans with their Kaminari Zoku (“thunder clan”), a surprise kata performance, at Buckingham Fountain.

2013’s Buckingham Fountain Flash Mob


Previous Kaminari Zoku events:

2012’s Union Station Flash Mob
Behind the Scenes: http://vimeo.com/105764341
Spectator’s View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlR4FLMM_fM

2011’s Cloud Gate Flash Mob

Enso Karate Hits the Beach!


We asked Enso students of all ages and ranks to come out and train on Saturday, July 27, 2013 for our annual Karate Beach Training. Nearly 70 Enso Karate students and their families joined us on 31st Street Beach in Chicago. domain analysis buy domain . The day started with a jog around the beach, warm-up, basics and kata in the water. And, of course, our beach training photo shoot!

Photo Credit: APJ Photography