Tuition and Registration

Thank you for your interest in training at Enso Karate! Learn more about the Enso Karate experience. We offer a full schedule of classes with flexible training options at our Chicago and Oak Park dojo locations, and online. If you have any questions about karate training at Enso, please send an email to We’re happy to help!

Tuition rates effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Special Trial Class Opportunities

We offer special “trial class” opportunities for those interested in training at Enso Karate.  For a $20 fee, we offer small group / semi-private introductions to karate during one of the following times.

Chicago dojo
  • Wed. July 10, 5:30-6:30pm (Youth 6+ and adults)
  • Fri. July 12, 5:30-6:30pm (Youth 6+ and adults)
  • Sat. July 13, 9:30-10:30am (Youth 6+ and adults)
  • Sat. July 13, 11:30-12:30pm (Adults)
Oak Park dojo
  • Thu. July 11, 6:30-7:30pm (Youth 6+ and adults)
How to register and attend a trial class. Participants should be adults or youth aged 6+ (Kinder Karate students must be 4 or 5 years old). To register, create an account in our system and then pay for the trial class. Reserve your spot in one of the classes designated for trials. Once registered, check our location page for information about parking and where to go. Email with any questions you may have. Please wear comfortable workout clothes to the session and bring your own water bottle. We look forward to meeting you!

Beginning Karate for New Students

New students accepted in the first week of each calendar month. Note schedule and holidays.

Begin your karate journey in 60-minute group classes that provide fun, guided instruction to students who are new to karate. Adults and youth (ages 6 and up) of all abilities and fitness levels are welcome. New students may take any of the classes on the Schedule in our Chicago or Oak Park locations designated for beginners. Most beginner classes combine youth and adults, which are perfect for families who would like to train together. Adult-only beginner classes are also available. Presently, we are not accepting new students in online classes (continuing/experienced students may participate.)

New students are accepted within the first week of the month. See above for trial class opportunities.

Basic: $100/month - 1 Class per Week

Attend one Beginner class per week within a calendar month at either the Chicago or Oak Park dojo locations. Winter 2024 SPECIAL: One karate uniform included

Standard: $150/month - 2 Classes per Week

Attend two Beginner classes per week within a calendar month at either the Chicago or Oak Park dojo locations. Winter 2024 SPECIAL: One karate uniform included

Have questions? Email is the best way to reach us (

All current students also have access to our Online Dojo, which includes video tutorials, as well as access to dojo social events, special training opportunities, and our private Facebook Group.

Kinder Karate (Ages 4-5)

Our Kinder Karate classes introduce 4-5 year olds to karate at a fun, age-appropriate level, utilizing games and exercises that help develop strength, coordination, and balance as a foundation for further karate training. Learn more about Kinder Karate offerings.

Continuing Students (In-Person + Online)

Continuing/experienced students may enroll any time. These tuition options allow students to train in any combination of in-person classes in our Chicago and Oak Park dojo locations, and online. Registering by auto-renew saves $5 per month. We have additional discount options detailed below, which may require you to contact us before registering.

Basic: $100/month

Attend one online OR in-person class in Chicago and Oak Park dojo locations per week

Standard: $150/month

Attend two classes per week, any combination of online or in-person in Chicago and Oak Park dojo locations.

Unlimited: $175/month

Attend unlimited online classes, any combination of online or in-person in Chicago and Oak Park dojo locations.

Continuing Students (Online only)

Tuition options are available for students who ONLY attend online classes.

Basic: $75/month

Attend one online class per week

Standard: $105/month

Attend two online classes per week.

Unlimited: $120/month

Attend three or more online classes per week. As of January 2022, three online classes are offered per week.


Auto-renew discounts are applied automatically upon registration. For all other discounts, email us at before you register.

Continuing students who opt-in to auto-renew will receive $5 off the monthly fee. With the auto-renew, Enso will automatically re-enroll the student for the next month and charge the tuition fee with a credit card on file securely through our online system. This is not a yearly contract; you can cancel at any time by sending an email to us at least 7 days before the 1st of the month.

FAMILY DISCOUNT: $5 per family member
Students from the same household who are enrolled concurrently can each receive a $5 discount off the monthly fee.

Full-time, enrolled college or university students can receive $30 off the monthly fee. Please show copy of current class schedule every quarter/semester. College discount may not be combined with the family discount or auto-renew discount.

If you are experiencing a hardship, we don’t want that to prevent you from training with us. Please reach out so we can try to make an arrangement that meets your needs.