Event Information

  • Sat

    Women's Self-Defense Seminar

    11 AM - 2 PM

    Chicago Dojo

    Linda Donner Self Defense 2Enso will host a self-defense workshop on Oct. 3, 2015, at our downtown Chicago location. This 3-hour workshop is open to women ages 14 and up. No martial arts experience is necessary. Instructor Linda Donner is a 6th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and is certified in Krav Maga, the Israeli system of military self-defense.


    This workshop will cover:

    • Basic awareness
    • Effects of fear and ways to handle fear
    • Personal safety tips
    • Situational role plays
    • Physical drills practice
    • Simple footwork
    • Blocking & strikes
    • Grabs, holds & choke defenses

    Don’t miss this opportunity to practice simple, effective verbal and physical skills for self-defense.



Unless otherwise noted, Enso’s events are for current students only.