Event Information

  • Sat

    Intro to Tai Chi Push Hands

    11:15 AM - 12: 45 PM

    Chicago dojo

    Launching our once-per-month “Special Saturday” events, we are happy to present an Introduction to Tai Chi Push Hands on Saturday, October 11, 2014 from 11:15 PM to 12:45 PM.

    Most people think of Tai Chi as a series of slow, flowing movements.  And it is!  But Tai Chi is also a sophisticated close-in fighting system. Tai Chi Push Hands is the dynamic two-person exercise that serves as a bridge from solo Tai Chi form work to fighting.

    Tai Chi Push Hands helps develop the ability to sense, deflect, and return incoming force, all while staying rooted and maintaining relaxed balance and presence.  Tai Chi Push Hands can also provide an excellent warm up or cool down for karate students.  Plus it’s fun to do!

    Join us on October 11, 2014 for this special workshop with Enso Tai Chi Instructor Chris Cinnamon.  Open to all adult karate students and teen brown belts and above.


    Please register online. There is no cost to current Enso students.

    There is no 11:00 AM Adult Karate class due to this Special Saturday event. 

Unless otherwise noted, Enso’s events are for current students only.