Typically, Enso offers beginners a 6-week intro course and then continuing students register for 12-week sessions. During the COVID-19 situation, we have switched to a monthly schedule and tuition system.

We offer four sessions a year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) which are approximately 12 weeks each. New youth (6+) and adults typically choose the 6-Week Intro.

Wondering when you can start? View the Session Dates here.

Tuition and payment options for new and continuing students are included below.  Payment can be made online or in person (by appointment).

If you have any questions or problems with registering online, please email us and we will be glad to assist you.

New Students

6-Week Intro for New Students

For new youth (ages 6+) and adult students 

Includes two classes per week at one dojo location, karate uniform, and Enso Student Handbook.


Chicago Dojo: $165 + $50 one-time Registration Fee
Oak Park Dojo: $165 + $50 one-time Registration Fee

Learn more and register:

Kinder Karate - New Students

For new youth (ages 4-5) 

Includes one Kinder Karate class per week in a full session (approximately 12 weeks) and karate uniform. Chicago dojo location only. For availability, visit our Kinder Karate page.


$295 ($245 + $50 one-time Registration Fee for new students)

Learn more and register:

Continuing Students

Upon completion of the 6-Week Karate Intro, students may enroll with the continuing karate student fees (at a prorated amount if enrolling mid- session).

Full Session Tuition - Basic Option

The Basic tuition for a full session includes one class per week at one dojo location.  Best for Kinder Karate (ages 4-5, Chicago dojo only). With Auto-Renew, the fee is discounted by $15.

$245 for Chicago Dojo students
$245 for Oak Park Dojo students

Full Session Tuition - Standard Option

The Standard option for a full session includes two classes per week.  Best for beginner level continuing students. With Auto-Renew, the fee is discounted by $15.

$365 for Chicago Dojo students
$280 for Oak Park Dojo students

Full Session Tuition - Unlimited Option (Chicago dojo only)

The Unlimited option for a full session includes three or more classes per week at the Chicago and Oak Park dojo locations. Recommended for intermediate and advanced students. With Auto-Renew, the fee is discounted by $15.

$415 for Chicago and Oak Park locations


Auto-Renew Discount
With the auto-renew option, Enso will automatically re-enroll the student for the next full session and charge the tuition fee with the credit card on file. Students who opt-in to this service will also enjoy $15 off each session’s tuition fee. See Policies for details.

Family Discount
Continuing students from the same household who are enrolled concurrently can each take a family discount as follows: $20 off for the 1st and 2nd family member, $40 off for the 3rd and 4th family members. The family discount can only be applied to full Standard or Unlimited session.

College Discount
Full-time, enrolled students in a college or university may take $100 off the full Standard or Unlimited session fee.  Verification of student status is required each session (copy of current class schedule is sufficient). College discount may not be combined with any other discount.

Auto-Renew Option

We are glad to be able to offer the auto-renew option as a convenience to students, and we’re grateful that it helps make our administrative process more efficient.

With the auto-renew option, Enso will automatically re-enroll the student for the next full session and charge the tuition fee with the credit card on file. This transaction will be processed safely and securely through our online system on each Tuition Due Date. The auto-renew option is not a yearly contract and helps students keep their accounts current and secure their spots in classes. Most students take advantage of this option to pay for classes.  Students who opt-in this service will also enjoy $15 off each session’s tuition fee.


  • The auto-renew option is not a yearly contract.
  • To discontinue auto-renew, notify Enso in writing 10 days before the tuition due date.
  • Refunds on the auto-renew payment can only be made if no classes have been taken and are subject to a $35 processing fee.
  • Payment is due by the tuition due date.

How can I enroll in Auto-Renew?
Please contact us by email or in person to provide your credit card information.

How do I make changes to my account?
To make changes to your account, such as upgrading or un-enrolling, please contact us. To update your credit card on file, you may log into our processing system.

Fees and Policies


In addition to class fees, students who wish to test for rank promotion must pay a testing fee.

$35 for White through Purple Belts (10th – 4th kyu). $10 additional for make-up exams.
$50 for 3rd Kyu and 2nd Kyu (Brown Belts)
$150 for 1st Kyu and Dan ranks

Belts exams for White through Brown Belts (2nd kyu) are offered once per session (See Session Dates.)  Black Belt exams are given once per year. Students who need to re-test do not have to pay for the re-test. The stripe testing in the Kinder Karate program does not require an additional fee.

Other Fees

$50 One-time Registration Fee for New Students
$20 Visitor Drop-In
$35 NSF Fee
$35 Auto-Renew Processing Fee (for changes)

Additional Training, Seminars, and Tournaments
Enso may periodically offer opportunities for students to participate in extra training sessions, seminars, and tournaments.  There may be fees for these events that are not included in regular class tuition.  If applicable, students are responsible for their own travel expenses.


Missed Classes Policy

The tuition fees cover classes during the scheduled session dates. Payments must be made full regardless of the number of classes attended. Attending extra classes to make-up for missed classes can be made with permission, depending on availability. Students expecting to be absent for four continuous weeks or more can request a proration in advance of the absence.

Make-up Classes for Chicago Dojo Kinder Karate students. Since Kinder Karate is currently offered one time per week, there are no make-up classes.

Make-up Classes for Oak Park Dojo students. Students who attend the Oak Park dojo may make up a missed class up to two times within the current session by attending class in the Chicago dojo location. Make-up classes must be scheduled in advance with approval by contacting info@ensokarate.com with the date you would like to do the make-up.

Refunds & Payments

There are no refunds after the start of classes. Payments must be made in full at the time of registration (in advance of classes). Students are not permitted to attend classes without payment

Dropping off/Picking up

Parents are responsible for safe and timely drop-off and pick up of students. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before the first scheduled class of the day.