For Intermediate and Advanced Students

Keep training – you’re doing great!

We are so happy to see so many of you in our livestreamed classes. Take a look at the schedule and set a reminder so you can be sure to log in and join us!

Don’t forget that you can have a free 15-minute 1-on-1 feedback session with a sensei.

And don’t forget our meet-ups! We can get together online for a little fun outside of karate training.

Video Tutorials

If you’re interested in focusing on one type of technique, combo, or kata, you can select from one of the individual videos posted below. For your convenience, we’ve also created a Playlist that runs through all of our Intermediate/Advanced videos so you can have a longer, uninterrupted training session.

Playlist for Intermediate/Advanced Students 

This playlist has 7 videos and is about 25 minutes long.

Individual Videos

Other resources

Sensei Kenji, our recent guest instructor, has posted some new videos (in English) on his YouTube channel. Take a look!