Tai Chi

Enso’s Tai Chi classes focus on the Wu Style Short Form. Wu Style Tai Chi is one of the three main traditional branches of Tai Chi (Chen, Yang, and Wu). The Wu style is distinguished by shorter, more upright stances, smaller movements, and more emphasis on working the body internally. The shorter stances and smaller external movements of the Wu Style are especially beneficial for older people, and those with joint degeneration or injuries.

Instructor: Chris Cinnamon

Group and private instruction is offered.

The Art of Breaking (Hip Hop and Breakdancing)

Learn the basics of “Breaking” with instructor Kid Jungle of the world renowned Phaze II Chicago crew. Students will have fun learning breakdancing techniques in a disciplined, structured class. Take a dive into the culture of Hip Hop and learn its movements, history, and terminology. Attire: loose fitting, casual clothing and clean gym shoes. No street shoes.

Instructor: Kid Jungle

Contact us for class information.

Self-Defense Workshops

Self-Defense Workshops for teens and adults are offered throughout the year.  Instructor Linda Donner is a 6th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and is certified in Krav Maga, the Israeli system of military self-defense. These workshops, cover:

  • Basic awareness
  • Effects of fear and ways to handle fear
  • Personal safety tips
  • Situational role plays
  • Physical drills practice
  • Simple footwork
  • Blocking & strikes
  • Grabs, holds & choke defenses

No martial arts experience necessary.

Instructor: Linda Donner